Will the flowers grow tomorrow?



Will the flowers grow
tomorrow -
when the mud
has been
and trod
and sluiced
and quagmired?

Will I see you
tomorrow -
when the world
your strength
and youth?

Will I pray for you
that an Unseen
might keep you
and bring you back
to me?

and the next day
and the next.

[Inspired by the painting of Edward Reginald Frampton
Brittany 1914, Tate Britain, London]
(With a 'Vintage' filter applied)

Frampton paints the figures in a curious 'fuzzy' style,
in contrast to the solid and defined depiction of the
landscape.  This reminded me of the strand within 
French historiography called la longue duree, which contrasts 
'geographic time' with short-spanned 'human time'. 
The landscape is history in its depths, as opposed to the
'short, sharp, and nervous vibrations' of the history of 
individuals. The cliffs and hills and shoreline remain and 
surpasses all human time.

The short-lived flowers at the foot of the shrine mirror 
the short-lived span of the humans, whether their days 
are taken prematurely in war, or just in being human. 
[See Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative Volume 1]

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