Sensationality: courgette chilli and currant crunchie


IMG_20160224_183214[1]  IMG_20160224_184426[1]

Okay – it’s a new toy!  And I won’t write a piece about every spiralised dish I make – but humour me for a little while longer!  Armed with Amelia Freer’s cook book and my new spiraliser, it was the turn of courgettes to be transformed!  It’s unbelievably quick – both the spiralising and making the whole dish.  A bit of garlic, then spiralised courgette in a pan, then tomatoes, olives and a pinch of chilli flakes.  Hey presto, 5 minutes later or less, a tasty meal.

Problem: I put too many chilli flakes in the pan!  My mouth was burning!  I glanced on another of her recipes and knew it was just the ticket – a smoothie, sweet and cooling.  I had some frozen blackcurrants, popped those in a blender, with two generous sized teaspoons of crunchy peanut butter, a small avocado, some coconut flakes, a bit of sugar and quite a bit of soya milk (I didn’t have the recommended almond milk).  Whizzed it all up.  It was a bit thick – so it was more of an ice-cream than a smoothie, but really delicious, and it cooled my chilled mouth!  It chilled the chilli!  Scrumptious!

Happy cooking, or as Amelia might say, happy food assembling!


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