Smart, but not so much


Your houses maybe very smart - 
splendidly stripey
and beautifully kept,
thoughtfully architectured
and railed with wrought-iron.

But the good earth
has been covered,
Buried, hidden.

A tree is 
permitted a
foot-square allotment.
At least there is
place for birds -
and the sound of their
is beautiful.

You have kept a garden
- but in name only.

Nearby there maybe
trees - quite a few,
and grass, green, green grass
boundaried by privet hedging:
but they are gated
and keyed;
the preserve of the few.

And I spied some daffodils,
timidly yellow,
puzzled by the 
too-warm winter.

They were behind
an electric fence!

Your smart human works
rarifying the natural -
enclaving her, here and there,
guarding this precious gem
vanishing at your hands.

DSC_1139[1]  DSC_1146[1] DSC_1143[1]
From left to right:
Cornwall Gardens, Holland Park, Observatory Gardens, Kensington, LONDON

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