Another pilgrimage


Corn Du, with Pen y Fan in the distance.  Brecon Beacons, Wales


Had I gone to escape humanity? Mine and theirs?  What did I think I would find?  A transcendent vision, as transcendent as the mountain above the town?  Trekking far and hard, climbing on the mountain’s back, reaching its shoulders, its head and mine in the clouds, altered and transformed.

What did I find?  Face to the path so as not to stumble; heaving and puffing, heart racing fast, aching muscles, stone-pitted feet, over-turned ankles, sweat of brow and back.  A descent evermore firmly into my humanity!  Solitude of thought and lofty notions?  No!  Chatter and ordinariness – theirs and mine – how seasonable and companionable it was.

What did I find?  Humanity – mine and theirs, journeying together, smiling and beautiful.



[August 2014]


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