If I had an angel … into the night


If I had an angel I would take him into the night, this night – the oh so quiet night.  I would show him the friendly frames of Oak and Willow and Chestnut, companions through the year, dressed and undressed – now in their outlined beauty.  And I would pause him to listen and strain for the call of the owl.  But most of all I would show him Selena, veiled by the delicate tracery of clouds; that lacy garment sliding gently over her so that – gasp – we catch a glimpse of her. Selena full and glowing – beautiful, so beautiful. Briefly, then covered once more as modesty dictates.  But we saw her.  We saw her.  She shone on us – us!  She lit our faces – ours.  And we would smile and smile and know ourselves blessed.




[Inspired by Rilke and his Ninth Duino Elegy ‘Praise this world to the angel’]

Dedicated to my friends at choir – a lost bank card and a missed train meant that I couldn’t make it tonight.  But the evening was put to good use!


‘Full Moon’ photo by Jaime JaimeJunior, PublicDomainPictures.net





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