If I had an angel


If I had an angel
I would show him a rainy evening in the park. I would show him the double-light of the puddles reflecting whatever glimpsed overhead.
I would show him the droplets of rain, swell and shine, until, too heavy, they drop.
I would show him the deer sheltering under the trees, soggy and sodden.
I would point to the fleeting silhouette of the bat, racing in stacatto flight, sightlessly, artfully catching its meal.
I would get him to listen to the muffled sounds of leaves, jostling in the light breeze; and hear the bellow, deep and throaty, of the stags – one to another, boundarying the park.
And the birds, hear them too – strain for call and song, so quiet are they at this dusky moment.
I would tell him to smell the freshness – the day’s warmth and grime sluiced away. And smell the ripening fruit and mashing foot-fall leaves, sweet and full and mellow.
If I had an angel.

(Inspired by Rilke and his Ninth Duino Elegy ‘Praise this world to the angel’ )


One thought on “If I had an angel

  1. Really beautiful, Pat… for its earthiness, its sense of joyful wonder, and its layered depth of noticing…

    You were so very clearly ‘there’ and you just took the rest of us there with you. (Not just your angel.)



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