“Sensationality is not a word!” It is now, I just made it up! A bit like the breakfast I made up this morning : the day before a road trip, with no milk left in the fridge and little food in the cupboard, I had to be quite creative about fixing something to eat.
Porridge looked like the best bet, as it can be cooked with water in the absence of milk. But not too appetising – how can I shake this up a bit?  When it was in the bowl I stirred in some crunchy sugar – demerara – yummy. Then stirred in some sultanas, and then I noticed the fruit that needed eating – how about combining some with the porridge?  So I grated some orange rind in and squeezed some of its juice in, and started eating!  Yuuuummy!
Happy tastebuds! Happy tummy!
Then later in the morning when I got the cafeteria out and shook the last of the hot lava java ground coffee in it, I noticed the remains of the orange I hadn’t yet washed up and thought, ‘I wonder what that would taste like in the coffee ‘! So, with the coffee in the cup, I grated some orange zest in and a bit of its juice (remember I had no milk!)! Wowee!  It was really yummy!  Each mouthful had a wave of citrus and intense coffee – gone in a flash, but really sumptuous! And that’s not all!  I thought,  chocolate goes well with both those flavours, and I had some chocolates on the table, so I dropped one in half way through the drink, stirred it, waited for it to melt a bit, then…  mmmm. Now a chocolatey – dark and a little bit bitter, flavour in the mix.  Lots more yummy!

Message : get creative with your tastebuds!  Keep it simple, and don’t be too efficient at clearing up!

P.s. I got a personal best time in a mile running event last night – 6.17. And now I’m just plain showing off!
Be inspired and inspiring!


2 thoughts on “Sensationality

  1. Love this post Pat! I may try this too as I am a bit limited in what I can do cookingwise right now – I have builders in and they are doing the kitchen so I have just the basics re cooking. Time to try out some new flavour combos and alos ways of cooking full stop!


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