Tips for travellers



  • Learn to rely on yourself; within you are all the resources you need.  Your self-reliance is something that grows when you have taken the first step
  • Be open-minded about the people and cultures you encounter on your travels – they all carry a portion of truth
  • Sift through values that people live by until you find the ones worthy of you
  • Fears will accompany you but when you face them and sit with them in the shadows, you will see them as visitors come to show where you still need to grow
  • The dawn always, always comes after the dark night
  • Love is a sweet and precious gift to be treasured
  • All creatures that have a beating heart are connected – the ant, the grasshopper, the rabbit, the bird, the deer, and us – so tread lightly

‘Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet/confinement of your aloneness/ to learn/anything or anyone/that does not bring you alive/ is too small for you’*

  • Take courage, and go live a little

[*from David Whyte’s poem “Sweet Darkness”]

Dedicated to

Sam, who likes pulling cars apart and fixing them; Naomi, who is sailing somewhere in the Med; Ben, who is about to start a summer of travel; Peter, who is working the summer at gigs up and down the country; Tom, who is on his way back from rock-climbing in Europe.


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