Every picture tells a story

It’s time for some adventures!  In the scheme of things, only small adventures, or to use Martin Black’s term, ‘micro-adventures’, but adventures none the less.

I was half way up Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia in April, when I realised that the path involved too much scrambling for me that day – I had sprained my wrist when bracing myself in a fall, descending Snowdon the previous day (ok, I fell over and hurt my wrist!). So I perched on a very comfortable rock in the boulder field. I wondered how long I could sit still for!

I had my lunch in my back pack and a book. ‘Consolations of the Forest’. As it turned out I didn’t read at all, but thought about the author, Sylvain Tesson, spending six months in a cabin in the taiga in Russia, by himself,  and it made me think, surely I can manage a few hours by myself, in my own company, with my own thoughts.  As it turned out, I could. Once I had clicked out of hiking mode into ‘being’  mode, and attuned myself to the present moment, I found I slipped into a timeless mode, where the movement of the sun was the only marker of time.  – and it was in no hurry.

A few hikers passed by and we exchanged encouragement and directions (yes, you really do have to scramble up there).

One song that went through my mind was John Denver’s ‘Take me home country road to the place where I belong ‘ ( thanks to my childhood in the 70’ s it’s what my parents played on their mono player – together with the Carpenters and the New Seekers!!),  and I thought of the line ‘Mountain Mama ‘. And I thought, I’ve come to be with Mountain Mama – and she’s just pleased I made it – she’s been  waiting for me to be uncluttered enough in my head, to want to share time together.
What a glorious, timeless day. I’ll be back.


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